mil razones music, llc terms & conditions

by accepting an estimate or making a payment on an invoice generated by mil razones music, llc, you ("Client") also have accepted our terms & conditions ("Agreement") set forth:

Special Event. At Mil Razones Music, our goal is to help make your Special Event ready for your customers to come and have the best audio and/or visual experience. We work closely with our clients to ensure their special events are a success. Feel free to call with any questions or additional information that might be helpful for this event.

Payment for Services

A 50% deposit is required to confirm the Agreement and full payment will be due 15 days prior to the earliest of the receipt of goods or performance of services.

General Cancellation Policy

To ensure availability of all services and products, deposits are non-refundable. You may remove one or more item(s) from your order, or cancel your entire order, according to the following schedule, but the following cancellation fees will apply:

● 31 days prior: no cancellation fee

● 30 days prior: 50% of contract total, less deposit (if refundable)

● 15 days prior: 100% of contract total, and your deposit will not be refunded

Days prior refers to the number of days before the earliest of the performance of services.

Force Majeure

The Agreement of Mil Razones Music to perform is subject to proven detention by accidents, riots, strikes, epidemics, acts of God, or any other legitimate conditions beyond their control. If such circumstances arise, all reasonable efforts will be made by Mil Razones Music to find replacement services at the agreed upon fees. Client agrees that in all circumstances, Mil Razones Music shall be exclusively limited to an amount equal to the fees paid and that Mil Razones Music shall not be liable for indirect or consequential damages arising from any breach of contract.


Mil Razones Music’s compensation is in no way affected by inclement weather. Mil Razones Music reserves the right, in good faith, to stop or cancel Performance should the weather pose a potential danger to him, the equipment, or audience. Every effort will be made to continue the Performance. However, safety is paramount in all decisions. Mil Razones Music compensation will not be affected by such cancellation.

Rights of Rescission

The Client hereby acknowledges a 48 hour right of rescission from the date of signing this agreement and/or date of deposit tendered (whichever occurs first). Any rescission must be received by U.S. postal mail in writing and will be bound by the postmark of the mailing. All deposits are non refundable if canceled by the Client. If Mil Razones Music cancels the engagement, a full refund to the Client will be made. Any refundable amounts will be subject to deductions equal to amounts incurred for expenses under the direction or request of the Client. The Client and Mil Razones Music agree that this Agreement is not subject to cancellation unless both parties have agreed to such cancellation in writing.

Personal Damages

It is hereby further agreed, that the Client shall be held liable for any injury or damages to the staff of Mil Razones Music, or property of Mil Razones Music, while on the premises of the said engagement if damage or loss is caused by Client or guest, members of his organization, engagement invitees, employees, or any other party, whether invited or not. Client agrees to pay rental rate per day for any equipment damaged or loss caused at this event until such time as equipment is repaired or replaced.


Client shall provide Mil Razones Music with safe and appropriate working conditions. Client shall provide crowd control if warranted; and furnish directions to place of engagement. Client is responsible for paying any charges imposed by the venue. These charges include, but are not limited to parking, use of electric power, and for marshal if necessary. In the event of circumstances deemed to present a threat or implied threat of injury, harm or defamation of character to Mil Razones Music staff or any equipment in Mil Razones Music possession, Mil Razones Music reserves the right to cease Performance. If Client is able to resolve the threatening situation in a reasonable amount of time (maximum 30 minutes), Mil Razones Music shall resume Performance in accordance with the original terms of this Agreement. In order to prevent equipment damage or liability arising from accidental injury to any individual attending this Performance, Mil Razones Music reserves the right to deny any guest access to the lighting system, sound system, music recordings, or other equipment.

Control of Performance

The Client shall at all times have complete control, direction, and supervision of the Services of Mil Razones Music at this engagement, and Client expressly reserves the right to control the manner, means and details of the performance of services of Mil Razones Music. All planning documentation must be received from the Client and forwarded to Mil Razones Music at least two weeks prior to the date of engagement in order to be included in Mil Razones Music programming guidelines. Client certifies that all entertainment permits for the event are up to date.


This Agreement warrants that Mil Razones Music will be ready to perform at the start time of the engagement. No guarantee is made as to Mil Razones Music’s time of arrival. However, Mil Razones Music requests that they be permitted at least 4 hours before the engagement and 4 hours after the engagement for setup and takedown. Mil Razones Music requests ramp or elevator access between parking/service entrance and the setup area.


Client agrees to defend, indemnify, assume liability for and hold Mil Razones Music harmless from any claims, damages, losses, and expenses by or to any person, regardless of the basis, which pertain directly or indirectly to Mil Razones Music's performance. In the event a dispute arises in an effort to enforce any provision of the Agreement, Client agrees to pay all attorney’s fee, collection fees, and court costs. Client may not transfer this Agreement to another part without the prior written consent of Mil Razones Music.

Limitation of Liability

Client agrees that regardless of the bases of any legal claim, the total amount of all legal claims will be limited to the amount actually paid to Mil Razones Music under this contract.

Waiving of Rights Options

Mil Razones Music may elect not to exercise their rights as specified in this Agreement. By doing so, Mil Razones Music does not waive their right to exercise those options at a future date.

Applicable Law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Arizona.


The parties hereto promise to abide by the terms of this Agreement and intend to be legally bound thereby.

Mil Razones Media is a dba of Mil Razones Music LLC, an Arizona Limited Liability Corporation.